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[SD-User] SD/SDX prosigns with (or without) Winkey

Subject: [SD-User] SD/SDX prosigns with (or without) Winkey
From: Kenji Rikitake JJ1BDX <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 10:26:23 +0900
List-post: <>
Hello Paul and the list members:

I've been using SDX for my daily QSOs with the WinKeyer USB.
It has a very efficient interface and I like it very much.

Some suggestions and requests for the CW Keyboard Mode:

1) I want to send the following TWO prosigns :

1.a) *BT* : without this it's rather hard to proceed a normal QSO.  
I think in many DXpeditions you often have to go into the ragchew mode.
I thought this was mapped on "=" (equal sign) key, but for some reason
SDX sent -....- (minus sign) instead.  I'd be glad if *BT* is mapped by
SDX at an unused key (plenty of those keys; "%" or "&" are good

1.b) *HH* : I need to claim an error during a QSO.  I want it to be
mapped to an unused key also. 

1.c) BTW I'd be glad if SD/SDX prosigns are described in the manual, as
I put it in this article's appendix.

2) I'd be glad if PageUp and PageDown are ENABLED EVEN IF I'm using
WinKey; my WinKeyer unit is located far from my desk (and besides my
rig) so I cannot control the speed knob.  I have to type MINWPM each
time I need to change the sending speed now.

I haven't tested the SD program yet, but soon I will, probably at the
ARRL Int'l DX CW on this February.

// Kenji Rikitake, JJ1BDX(/3), JO3FUO es K1BDX


SDX V13.12 + WinKeyer USB (Winkey chip V20)
valid prosigns while in the CW Keyboard Mode:
(note that some of these are different from Winkey chip assignment)

@ -> *AC*
$ -> *SX*
* -> *UD* (question mark)
= -> *DU* (minus, NOT *BT*)
\ -> *DN* (stroke)
+ -> *AR*
[ -> *AS* (wait)
] -> *KN*
; -> *AR*
: -> *SK*
' -> *SK*
" -> *RR*
, -> *GW* (comma)
. -> *RK* (period)
< -> *AR*
> -> *SK*
/ -> *DN* (stroke)
? -> *UD* (question mark)

[End of appendix]
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