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[SD-User] V13.33 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V13.33 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 22:15:27 -0000
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V13.33          6th January 2008

    Individual desktop startup icons are supplied for
    all logging and post-contest programs.  During
    installation (while running the setup programs),
    you should select the "Create a desktop icon"

    When you enter a "dupe" call, the zone or area
    code from the earlier QSO is pre-filled.  Until
    now, it had been suppressed.  Use minus or F11
    to clear the current QSO if you don't log it.
    Thanks GU4YOX.   

Logging Area Codes.
    SD pre-fills area codes or zones of stations
    logged earlier.  If you overtype with a different
    area code, all QSOs with that station are updated
    to maintain consistency.  As with edits, all QSOs,
    regardless of call, are flagged or unflagged as
    mults as appropriate.
    Previously, you had to log the QSO with the old
    "incorrect" area code and then edit it.

    This feature applies equally to IOTA island
    references in SDI, Belgian provinces in SDU,
    and district codes in SDV.

Croatian CW Contest.
    Fixed scoring for 9A entrants.  Thanks 9A6C.

SD - SETDUPE Command.
    When used, a record is written to the audit file.
    This may help in tracking SETDUPE errors.

SDU - UBA Contest:
    Fixed display of ON prefix mults and EU country
    mults.  Thanks 9A6C.

UBA Winter Contest - DX Side.
    Updated the template file.  ON stations do not
    send serials, and QSOs are now permitted with
    everyone.  Thanks YL2TD and ON6LY.

Country .CTY Prefix & Multiplier files:
    Updated - up to and including all published
    corrections by AD1C to 24th December.

    The Text Export option now saves to files with
    a "CSV" suffix.  Thanks G4OGB.

ILQP - Illinois QSO Party:
    Added templates and multiplier files for both sides.

    The latest manual is no longer included in the
    individual setup files. It may be downloaded from


You can get the updated SD.EXE alone from

SD is free from

If you find any new bugs, please send details to  Keep an older version of
any program you download as insurance.

Some older versions are available from

Paul EI5DI
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