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Subject: [SD-User] 7QP
From: "Brian Summers" <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 18:13:17 -0700
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I operated for a few hours in the 7QP this weekend using the most current 
version of SD and Winkey 2. Having only used SD on one previous occasion I do 
need more familiarization but here are some comments anyway.
1)There were several occasions when changing the speed pot on winkey did not 
show any speed change on SD. Other times it did. With one particular QSO I 
reduced the speed, Winkey showed 25wpm, but my keying was slower than 25wpm. 
Next time I looked SD showed 18wpm. 
2)I did not spend much time looking at the QSO rate information but notice it 
was incorrect. At one time it showed 48.1 QSOs per hour for the last ten QSOs 
whereas in reality I'd probably taken an hour or so to make the last ten QSOs. 
3)During the 7QPDX template set-up I had to select between either CW or SSB, 
but the 7QP is a mixed mode contest so I don't understand why I couldn't select 
4. There's a window top right on the screen that shows 60 of the eligible 260 
or so state/counties. Is there any way I could scroll down to see the others?

Brian VE7JKZ
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