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From: "Brian Summers" <>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 22:19:21 -0700
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Tnx for the comments Paul. I've put some responses below yours, plus an 
additional question.

Brian VE7JKZ

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> From: "Brian Summers" <>
>> 1)There were several occasions when changing the speed
>>   pot on winkey did not show any speed change on SD.
> Sorry - at present I cannot guarantee that SD will show
> WinKey's speed correctly.  I'm working on a fix.

Whatever you can do Paul. It's not a big problem - I can always set it by 
ear, or make some rough markings around the pot edge.
>> 2)I did not spend much time looking at the QSO rate
>>   information but notice it was incorrect.
> Did anyone else notice this?  Or, does it happen under
> any particular circumstances?

During the next contest I'll pay more attention and see if its linked to 

>> 3)During the 7QPDX template set-up I had to select
>>   between either CW or SSB, but the 7QP is a mixed mode
>> contest so I don't understand why I couldn't select both.
> For mixed-mode contests the "mode" selection question
> means "mode now" rather than a fixed mode for the whole
> contest.  I will change the question accordingly.  In
> mixed-mode contests, as sefined in the corresponding
> template file, SD lets you change mode regardless of
> the initial mode selected.

OK, now I understand. It's not an issue, more a familiarity thing.
>> 4. There's a window top right on the screen that shows
>>    60 of the eligible 260 or so state/counties. Is there
>>    any way I could scroll down to see the others?
> I could do this but a scroll feature would need an initial
> command (or a unique initial keystroke) - in the same
> way that HELP opens a Help window that can then be
> scrolled.  What command should I use?
> There's a feature in SD that lets you check the status of
> any "area" multiplier just by typing the abbreviation in
> the callsign field.  For example, in CQWW, typing 14
> gives the multiplier status for Zone 14 (by band).
> For some reason (now forgotten) this feature was disabled
> in contests where, as with 7QP, the mults count once only
> regardless of band or mode.  I've checked, and this is
> easy to reinstate.  Then, for example, typing MTFAL would
> show the mult status for Fallon County in MT.  Would that
> help?

I brought it up because there were a couple of ocassions when I wanted to 
verify the county code received, wondering if I'd mistaken it for something 
very similar, as opposed to checking multiplier status. I think I would find 
the opportunity to scroll useful but offhand can't suggest a command to 
implement it. Maybe those more familiar with SD who think the feature would 
be worthwhile might comment?

New question. The Manchester Mineira All America CW Contest runs May 17/18th 
and there is no template. Not that I could find anyway. What's involved in 
creating one?

Brian VE7JKZ

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