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Subject: [SD-User] WPX comments
From: "Brian Summers" <>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 17:54:59 -0700
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Hi Paul:

I spent several hours in the contest and have the following 
observations/comments using V14.03 and Winkey.

1. 'Beep' for a dupe. When S&P'ing I'm looking at the radio to see where I am 
in terms of frequency whilst tuning the band. If I hear someone CQ'ing I then 
take my eyes off the radio and enter the call via the keyboard. ('Cause I'm not 
a touch typist!). To see if it's a dupe I then have to take my eyes of the 
keyboard and look at the monitor. And then back to the keyboard. Is there 
anyway the software can cause a beep to let me know it's a dupe?

2. Whilst cq'ing there were a few occasions ( not many really) when the machine 
would not stop sending, necessitating the Esc key to stop.

3. There is a delay when using the function keys. As an example, I've responded 
to someone who is CQ'ing. He gives me a RST S/N which I enter and my machine 
immediately sends him an RST S/N. If he asks for a repeat and I use F6 or F7 
there's a one second or so delay before the machine responds. A similar thing 
happens in Run mode. Most disconcerting!

4. There were numerous occasions when I would lose the link to my radio and the 
radio display would momentarily flash. There doesn't seem to be any way I can 
repeat at will so I can only describe the effect. I'd be tuning across the band 
in S&P mode and would notice on the monitor that where 'My Call' is shown it 
was no longer there, and just below  was 599 with an underscore below the first 
9. There would no frequency shown. Changing band on the radio didn't correct it 
and the only way to recover seemed to be by the minus key. Sometimes whilst 
tuning I would notice the frequency readout on my radio momentarily blank and 
then I'd see the effect described. But I can't say for sure there was a flash 
on my radio display every time the link was lost. In Run mode I'm primarily on 
one freq of course, but there would be times I'd be tuning the band looking for 
a clear frequency but the link loss did not occur even once. Changing linktimes 
and polltimes from min to max and in between
  had no effect.

This was my third contest with SD and I'm still learning of course. Hope you 
can help me with the above, Paul.

73, Brian VE7JKZ
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