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[SD-User] V14.05 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V14.05 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 19:08:48 +0100
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V14.05          May 2008

INORC Contest:
    Added support.  Note that log consistency is not
    enforced after editing callsigns or membership
    numbers on previous QSOs - but the score & mults
    are correct when the file is reloaded.  Thanks

    Added callsign/membership .LST lookup - similar
    to the existing FOC Marathon features.

    With a suitable .LST file, SD displays the
    membership number on a callsign match, or the
    callsign when a membership number is typed.
    In the latter case, Down Arrow will then
    swap the membership number and callsign -
    ready for logging.    

Italian Manual:
    SDITALIA.DOC supplied - translated by I7ALE.

ESM with AutoStart.
    With AutoStart enabled, any attempt to return
    to edit the callsign caused problems.  Fixed.
    Thanks I7ALE.

CW in Keyboard Mode:
    With parallel port keying, PTT was not switched
    immediately - it was delayed for the PTTLEAD
    time.  Fixed.

    When switching to keyboard mode, with serial
    port keying, PTT worked correctly but there was
    an initial key down - not cleared until the
    first keyboard character was sent.  Fixed.
    Thanks I4FTU & W4ATK.

Audible Dupe Warnings:
    Toggled with the BEEP command.  The setting is
    held in SD.INI.  Thanks VE7JKZ.  If you prefer
    a different sound, substitute your own .WAV
    file for the supplied DUPE.WAV.
Country .CTY Prefix & Multiplier files:
    Updated - up to and including all published
    corrections by AD1C to 23rd May.


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Paul EI5DI
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