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[SD-User] Bill Windle QSO Party

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Subject: [SD-User] Bill Windle QSO Party
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 23:02:10 +0100
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> There are two BWQPs per annum. One of the main
> reasons to take part is to generate activity on
> the frequencies that we all cherish to show there 
> is enough activity to warrant the allocation to
> CW only, and to have fun!

> The next BWQP runs for the 24 hour period from
> 0000z to 2359z, Saturday 31 May 2008. Call CQ BW
> from 015 to 040kHz on all bands, excluding the 
> WARC bands. The minimum exchange is RST, name,
> and FOC number (non-members will only send RST and
> name). However, feel free to engage in longer QSOs
> if you so desire.

I've added direct support for BWQP in SD.  You'll need
V14.06, uploaded today 28th May.  It is free from

When SD starts, give the event a name (suggest BWQP0508)
and select the "Bill Windle" template.

Since this is not a contest, it's appropriate to 
send realistic signal reports.  Use the RST command
to display both RST Sent and RST Rcvd.  In these
circumstances, it's best not to use ESM - use your
paddles or the F-keys to send your CW.

Use Shift_F1 etc. to update your F-key memories.
Suggested configuration:

F1 (CQ)      :   CQ BW #R #R BW
    #R is your Call from the opening screen.

F2 (Exchange):   #C #T JOHN 2345#E
    #C is the logged callsign
    #T is RST - what you actually sent
    JOHN - substitute your name
    2345 - substitute your FOC Number, omit if non-FOC.
    #E is an embedded Enter key

F3 (TU)      :   TU #R BW#E          
F4 (Dupe)    :   Same as F2 (to work them)

F5 (own Call):   #R

F5 (Exchange):   #T JOHN 2345#E

To get the full benefit from SD, you'll need the FOC.LST
callsign/name/number reference file - the same information
is available from the public section of the FOC website.

This file must be downloaded separately from  It was last updated in January
2008.  Unzip it to your SD folder, and load it with SD's
LOAD command.

FOC members can work everyone, others work FOC only.
When you type a call, SD tells you immediately whether it's
a member - and pre-fills the corresponding name and number.
If you hear an FOC number and type it, SD displays the
callsign and name - then Down Arrow will instantly move all
the info to the correct positions.  If you get into trouble,
hit minus to clear the line.

> After it is over, you can send in an activity report, but
> it is not required. Members are invited to report QSO
> totals and total FOC QSOs, counted once per band; use this
> format: 125/97, indicating a total of 125 QSOs, of which
> 97 were with FOC members.  Non-members will report total
> QSOs with FOC members, counted once per band.
> Send in your activity report to me at <kz5d at> no
> later than one week after the event.

There's no need to run SDCHECK.  SD's score window shows
FOC and non-FOC QSO totals separately by band.  The totals
are correct on reloading or restarting SD.  They may not
be correct at all times following QSO edits.

> A brief report will be published in the News Sheet and a
> fuller report, including members' and non-members' comments,
> will be published in FOCUS. All non-members who submit their
> totals will also receive a copy of the results and some
> information about FOC.

Paul EI5DI

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