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[SD-User] Log Without Send on ESM? Simple Band Map?

To: sduser <>
Subject: [SD-User] Log Without Send on ESM? Simple Band Map?
From: Ian Greenshields <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 16:50:14 +0100
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After several years of use of SD and a big fan of its elegant simplicity,
I've a couple of suggestions for comment or consideration:

I've noticed fairly often during a CW contest when using ESM (my preferred
mode) that I often send the exchange manually if the exchange is anything
other than normal - almost anything can cause it, from a S/N repeat request
or a repeated call correction, to a quick exchange of greetings with a
friend in the 80MCC, for example.

In these cases, it would be useful to be able log the contact without
sending the pre-programmed exchange and without having to disable ESM & then
re-enable it. Something like Alt-Enter, as my left hand is usually hovering
around there anyway. A second hit of enter goes back to CQ as normal.

One of the key things that attracts me to SD is it's effective simplicity,
both in display and operation. However I have to admit a bandmap is an
extremely useful & time saving feature especially when S&Ping. During WPX
last weekend, it struck me that the only information that I really need is
whether I have already worked (or ignored) the station in question without
having to wait for an ID & then enter the call. This led me to wonder
whether it would be possible, when tuning the rig, for SD to pull a callsign
down into the call entry field if it was already in the log or in the quick
memory (i.e. saved for later or ignored). A quick F11,  - , or tune of the
dial clears it if not needed. At a more esoteric level, the 'spots' could
time out after 30 minutes or so to keep the map fresh.

This would avoid the annoyance (and delay) when tuning up & down the band of
waiting for an ID only to discover you've just worked him. Note that I use
the terms bandmap & spots here in a purely unassisted op. sense - I'm not
interested in cluster spots; only what I have spotted &/or worked during

The idea is to keep the display simple (actually not change it) but make the
information already contained with the log and quick memory available just
by tuning the radio. Does it make sense? Is it possible? Would it work?

Many thanks & 73,
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