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Re: [SD-User] Log Without Send on ESM? Simple Band Map?

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Log Without Send on ESM? Simple Band Map?
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 17:43:33 +0100
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From: "Ian Greenshields" <>

> ... it would be useful to be able log the contact without
> sending the pre-programmed exchange and without having to
> disable ESM & then re-enable it.

F12 will do it - it may be an undocumented feature :-)  I
haven't checked the manual.

> This led me to wonder whether it would be possible, when
> tuning the rig, for SD to pull a callsign down into the call
> entry field if it was already in the log or in the quick
> memory (i.e. saved for later or ignored).

Thanks, I'm working on it.  If you download SD.EXE V14.26b
from, you see that the Quick Memory
window has changed and is starting to look like a Band Map -
although it is early days yet.

I expect to be able to pull down a callsign, but only if
the callsign field is blank - otherwise rig control is
temporarily disabled at present.

> A quick F11,  - , or tune of the dial clears it if not
> needed. At a more esoteric level, the 'spots' could
> time out after 30 minutes or so to keep the map fresh.

>From my (selfish) point of view, the best option for
clearing a call is Esc.  A "tune of the dial" may not
be possible initially - since rig control is disabled
when the callsign field is not blank.

Paul EI5DI
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