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[SD-User] V14.27 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V14.27 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 12:13:54 +0100
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V14.27          6 August 2009

IARU HF Championship:
    When the first QSO logged in a specific zone
    was a HQ station, the next "normal" QSO for
    that zone was not flagged as a mult. Fixed.
    Thanks OZ1KKH.

    SDCHECK: The Cabrillo option repeated the
    mode question and entered it twice in the
    CATEGORY record - for example CWCW instead
    of CW.  Fixed.

Band Map:
    It's not here yet!  However, the Quick Memory
    Window (F10) is starting to look like it might
    be a Band Map one day. 

Keyer Memories and WinKey:
    In any memory containing the #C parameter,
    typically F2 representing the exchange, any
    speed change parameters before #C caused
    keying delays.

    This has been fixed, but callsign type-ahead
    is not uniform (in speed) in these

    For the moment, speed-change parameters are
    not recommended before the #C parameter.
    Thanks OM6KW.

Repeat Feature on CQ Calls.
    The user-selected time between CQ calls has
    been extended to 15 seconds - the previous
    maximum was 10 seconds.  The command is Rxx
    where xx is a number from 1 to 15.  Thanks
    Fixed score on reloading with SD.

Contests With No Mults:
    Added a new template "General - No Mults" for
    any contest with no mults.

SD.MAP - Keyboard Mapping File.
    This is used to "map" any key to another, and
    is intended mainly for non-US/UK keyboards.

    Added a facility to map keys by their ASCII
    values - this is more precise than using 
    individual characters, because ASCII values
    are application-independent.  Use the SHOW
    command to determine the ASCII value of the
    two keys you want to map (or swap) and then
    include them in SD.MAP.  For example:
    64 47.

CW Field Day.
    Broken code, related to the addition of the
    "own continent" field in SD.INI for V13.15,
    caused scoring errors in some logs for RSGB
    NFD.  Fixed.

    Added the display of countries worked/wanted
    for the current band as callsign prefixes are
    typed (by continent corresponding to the

Cabrillo Logs:
    Added the template used, when opening the
    .ALL file, to the X-VERSION Cabrillo header
    record.  This eliminates any uncertainty
    about which template was selected when
    starting a contest.

    The facility to indicate aurora (59A) in
    HF contests has been removed.  Similarly
    with 59K (key clicks) and 59C (chirp).

Icom IC-7200:
    Added rig-control file IC7200.SD.


SD is free from

In case of problems with V14.27, some older
versions are available from

Note: The latest version of all programs other
than SD is V14.42. 

Paul EI5DI

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