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[SD-User] WAE Contest.

Subject: [SD-User] WAE Contest.
From: brian coyne <>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 05:49:01 +0000 (GMT)
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Want to try this for the first time and been playing around with a dummy file.
Question - say i have worked F6KAR on 20mtrs and sent him 5 qtc's.
He calls me again later for more qtc's, same band and flags as a dupe.What 
should i do next? Should I use 'esc', 'wipe' or log with a 0 s/n to clear the 
field to fill in QTC?, his c/s then still appears in the QTC window which ever 
option I chose, although we still need to add the last letter of his 
suffix. Does it matter to the logging prog which one i use as i note there are 
different results with subsequent use of the 'enter button during the qtc 
If we have already sent max qtc's to a station is a message flagged up to this 
Is there anyway we can 'list' or show the stations to which qtc's have been 
Is there a 'read me' section about this contest to refer to if problems occur 
mid event?
Brian 5B4AIZ.

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