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[SD-User] WAE Contest.

Subject: [SD-User] WAE Contest.
From: brian coyne <>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 12:03:43 +0000 (GMT)
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As I mentioned last week for my first time entry in WAE I went ahead with SD. 
Overall I managed ok but there were one or two issues, some probably user 
generated but here are my observations from the 'dx' side of the prog.
It was frustrating not to have any reference for QTC stations worked, so i had 
to rely on guys asking me. There were plenty enough on hf but in the later 
stages when i still had a shedload to send, nobody asked. Because I was 
'blind ' the stations that I asked invariably responded 'qtc b4' which leaves 
one feeling a little foolish!  Strange though that nobody asked in the later 
stages. i figure that was because i was on the low bands with 100w and wet 
noodles for antennas so my sig was not reliable enough to complete the set for 
them without considerable difficulty, so other than first bounce LZ, YO and 
UY's i hardly made any qtc's down there. Paul has already said that he will 
look at this aspect - it is sorely needed.
Next most irritating thing was inability to alter sending speed once in the QTC 
My logger was set at 30wpm. I tried, before entering 'QTC' to wind down speed 
to 24wpm using 'page down'  On entering 'QTC' the message in the first window, 
ie QTC 12/10 was sent at 24wpm, however on entering the next window with the 
list to be sent the speed defaulted back to 30wpm. This was a pain as I had to 
send many by hand to guys who requested 'QRS'
An option to include 4 digit time recording for all qtc's to be sent rather 
than just the first one, then reverting to just last two digits, would be 
useful. I was surprised at the number of guys who wanted all four digits for 
every qtc on the list. again i had to do this by hand keying.
One or two issues appeared when sending less than 10, but that could have been 
me, anyway I stuck to sending 10 only from the midway point.
One station needed just one more qtc to make up the ten but I got a full ten 
listed in the window! I sent just one but whether the other nine, or none at 
all were logged when I abandoned i don't know, I should have kept a note, i 
can'r see any single qtc's listed on the cabrillo.
I am confused by QTC rule (b) - does this mean the qtc receiving station should 
not receive his own call in the list being sent? This happened a few times and 
I got a couple of ??
One block of 10 QTC's have no c/s of the stn I sent them to - prob my error but 
I have no way of retrieving that situation.
I really could not figure what the block 'highligting' (page up/down) function 
in the QTC window was supposed to do, the ability to understand this would no 
doubt have reduced many of my cockups!  A 'read me' page for this contest would 
be very useful if any of you guys out there have used SD and sussed  this 
contest out.
One way or another I shall lose quite a few qtc points, but it was a learning 
curve, i just hope in none of the cases i have cost the guy at the other end 
any points but suspect that i may have.
Final comment,. I have noted one or two logging errors, fortunately very few, 
but the question is if I amend them will the changes carry over into the QTC 
list in the cabrillo file?, if so then the guy taking down those qtc's could 
get busted which would not be right. I'll hold off submitting the log in the 
hopel there are some observations from the group.
73  Brian C4Z   (5B4AIZ).

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