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[SD-User] IC-7200 + SDX

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Subject: [SD-User] IC-7200 + SDX
From: "Andrey Mikhaylov VK5MAV" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 08:51:38 +1030
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Hi All,


I'm in process of preparations for IOTA expedition to OC-261 Iand still
trying to get simple, fast CW keying and logging application to use.

SDX seems to be very good, however I still have some issues.


Does anybody know how to use it with in-built USB/Serial port to log QSOs
and manipulate CW at same time ?

I don't want to make another port available, additional wires, boxes, etc.


Thank you inn advance.


Cheers de Andy VK5MAV

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