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Re: [SD-User] IC-7200 + SDX

Subject: Re: [SD-User] IC-7200 + SDX
From: Ian Greenshields <>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 14:32:02 +0000
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There are 2 ways of sending CW and controlling the rig through a single
serial port:

1. The easiest is if the rig supports CW keying via the DTR line. I don't
know whether the IC7200 does - a trawl through the manual will be in order.
SD supports keying and rig control though a single port, but not if you use
winkey - you'll have to rely on SD's own CW generation.

2. If the rig doesn't support CW keying via DTR, and you're happy with a
soldering iron & a couple of components, you can achieve the same thing by
bringing a keying line out of the RS232 connector. Connect a 4k7 resistor in
series with the DTR line and base of a 2N2222 transistor (or similar, not
critical). Ground the emitter, & the collector becomes your CW keying line
to the rig. It's quite easy to assemble the whole thing inside an RS232
clamshell connector & bring out an extra ground & keying line for the rig.
Again, you'll have to rely on SD's own CW generation & not winkey.

I use option 1 for my K3, and option 2 for my K2 & both work fine with SD.
It's much easier if you have a real RS232 serial port & don't use one of
those revolting USB to serial adapters, but I have got both to work.

73 Ian G4FSU

> Does anybody know how to use it with in-built USB/Serial port to log QSOs
> and manipulate CW at same time ?
> I don't want to make another port available, additional wires, boxes, etc.
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