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[SD-User] Using SD and Taking a break during a contest

Subject: [SD-User] Using SD and Taking a break during a contest
From: Rick Blank <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 18:27:46 -0400
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I hope to be contesting this weekend using SD during the CQWW Contest.  I
didn't find anything specific, I don't think, in the SD manual that directly
refers to taking a break, or stopping during a contest, and coming back to
it a few hours later.  I expect to work the first 6 hours of the contest,
stop for sleep for about 5 to 6 hours, pick up from where I left off, and
contest for another 7 hours, take a few hours off for rest and dinner, and
then be back at it for another 5.5 hours or so.

Here's the question, do I type end in the time field each time to log off
and then when I come back after sleep, just call up the program and the log
file and go at it for several hours?

I have used CT in the past, and have used SD but, when I used SD I just left
the program running.  This time I would rather not leave the program running
when I am not at the computer.

Rick, WB3BSA
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