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[SD-User] ESM & S&P

Subject: [SD-User] ESM & S&P
From: Clyde <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 18:36:36 -0400
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I have been exploring SD using the DEMO software.
With ESM and S&P selected in CW mode and SD doing
the keying, if I enter a callsign worked before and
hit ENTER, the program sends my call.  Is this normal
behavior or am I missing something?  I have used
several other contesting programs, and in each
case the program will not send my call in this
situation of a dupe in the callsign area.  I
know that SD shows that the call is a dupe on
the screen, but unfortunately when I type 
callsigns I have to look at the keyboard for
the numbers and by the time I look up at the
screen to check for a dupe the "moment" to
drop my call in has passed.  This slows S&P
operation.  Am I missing a software switch
that can be set to change this behavior?

Thanks, 73 Clyde K9JWI

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