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[SD-User] Problems with v15.52 for SS

Subject: [SD-User] Problems with v15.52 for SS
From: Bert Hyman <>
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 14:45:13 +0000
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Windows XP Pro SP3
Ten-Tec Omni VII

Rig control is set for the O7, PRIORITY is set to 1, initial QTH and 
miscellaneous setup for SS is done. MSG1-MSG8 were left at their default 
setting. CW keying (via the parallel port) is working correctly.

1. The message function keys (F1-F8) do nothing, although the display 
blinks briefly. This is a killer - the rest are simply annoying.

2. Band change function keys F11 & F12 change the band displayed to the 
left of the entry line, but do not change the rig's frequency.

3. After two or more presses of F11 or F12, SD hangs.

4. Direct frequency entry (14234.56) doesn't do anything

5. Band change via Bnn changes the band displayed to the left of the 
entry field, displays the assumed new frequency below it (in red) but 
doesn't actually change the rig's frequency. SD is hung afterward.

Bert Hyman W0RSB        St. Paul, MN
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