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Re: [SD-User] Lost Log

Subject: Re: [SD-User] Lost Log
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 15:48:58 +0000
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On 21/11/2011 11:30, Dieter wrote:

> I named the Log  HOT2011
> There is a dot behind  HOT2011 as I saw on the opening screen.

> I  finished the log with END but can't find it eiter.

Unless you specified otherwise during installation, all
SD program, log and reference files are located in your
C:\SD folder.  No one ever loses QSOs with SD, because it
creates a separate audit (.AUD) file of all QSOs logged
and edits made.

You can use Windows Explorer (start at the "My Computer"
icon, or hold down the Windows key and press E) to
locate and rename (delete the spurious character) your
HOT2011.ALL file.

Once you have done that, SD and/or SDCHECK will recognise

 > but I cannot find them in the SD list - no HOT2011
 > entry at all.  So I would kindly ask for any other hints.

Please so the same thing you would do to find any other file.
Try Start / Search / Files and Folders / All Files & Folders
and enter HOT as "all or part of the file name", and press
the Search button.

 > Anyway , the different data  created by SD check should
 > be stored in the proper list within all SD info, shouldn't
 > they?

Again, all the data is stored in C:\SD, unless you specify

Paul EI5DI

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