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[SD-User] RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest

Subject: [SD-User] RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 10:59:35 +0000
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The RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest takes place from 2100 UTC Saturday
11th February to 0059 UTC Sunday 12th February.  Options are
CW-only, SSB-only, or Mixed-mode.

Rules at

SD V15.58, released today 10th February, has been updated
for this event - it's not supported correctly in V15.57.

Here are the release notes: for V15.58.

RSGB 1.8 MHz Contests:
     I got confused about the two events (February
     and November) in V15.57.

     The February event is CW, SSB or Mixed-mode,
     and DX entrants work UK only.  The November
     event is CW only, and everyone works everyone
     with the exception that non-EU entrants work
     EU only.

     Separate templates (UK and DX) are supplied
     for the February event - they each support
     both CW and SSB, with no need to specify the
     entry category in advance of creating your
     Cabrillo log with SDCHECK.

     A single template, for both UK and DX, is
     supplied for the November event - CW only.

UK Entrants - select the "RSGB 1.8 Feb, UK" template
DX entrants - select the "RSGB 1.8 Feb, DX" template

If you're not using rig control, make sure you're
logging on the correct mode - and use the CW or
SSB commands to switch.  Note that there's no need to
choose your entry category in advance.  Even if
you enter as CW-only, there's nothing to stop you
giving away points by having and logging SSB QSOs
at any time.

UK entrants work everyone on 160m only.  All others
work UK only, again on 160m.  Exchange Serials.  UK
stations add their 2-character district code - and,
if using CW, should edit SD's F2 exchange message
(using Shift-F2) to include it.

3 points per QSO, and 5 extra points for the first
QSO (Mixed - on each mode) with each UK district
code and, for UK entrants only, the first QSO with
each overseas DXCC country (again, by mode).

When logging UK stations, it's easiest to enter the
serial and district in a single field.  For example:
26WA, followed by Enter, is expanded to 026 WA in
their respective fields.

SD pre-fills the district code when you load a callsign
reference file (.LST) with district codes. For example,

Use SDCHECK create your Cabrillo .LOG file, and upload
it at

Please mention SD in your soapbox comments.  Everyone
reads them, and it encourages others to try SD.

Paul EI5DI

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