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[SD-User] V17.06 Released - It's Free.

Subject: [SD-User] V17.06 Released - It's Free.
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 15:39:33 +0100
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V17.06        10th July 2013

SD is Free:
    SD is now free and unrestricted in all contests.
    Please tell your friends.  If you would like
    support for additional contests, please tell me.

FT2000 DVR:
    Updated the rig-contol file FT2000.SD to
    enable playback of the internal DVR. Thanks

SDCHECK - Cabrillo:
    The maximum length for a Cabrillo QSO record
    had been set to 95 characters.  That wasn't
    enough for some events, and caused exchange
    characters to be lost.  Fixed - thanks DL2BQD
    and G4OGB.

Leaving SD:
    If your computer is connected to the internet -

    SD checks for a later version and, if available,
    invites you to download it.

    SD emails the version number and the default
    DXCC country prefix, from DXCC.CTY, corresponding
    to the callsign used.  This helps me to identify
    levels of use of SD in each country.  At most, a
    single email is generated for each PC per day,
    regardless of how often SD is run.  No personal
    information is included.

    Every fourth time SD is run, your browser opens
    the donations page at, but not if you
    are a registered user with a current key file
    in your installation folder.


If you find bugs in V17.06, please send me full
details to me - pokane at ei5di dot com.  Older
versions are not supported, so please confirm
that the problem exists in this version.

Your suggestions for changes or additions are

Paul EI5DI

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