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[SD-User] Possible bug in SD ver 17,10

Subject: [SD-User] Possible bug in SD ver 17,10
From: Halvard Eriksen <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 18:35:19 +0200
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I am LA7XK, Halvard.

I just downloaded the latest version of SD for possible use
during SAC SSB from Svalbard as JW5X. I have tested the program during the IOTA test
and it seems to work ok here. I however suspect there are two bugs
in the handling of SAC worked from Scandinavia. I selected SAC Scandinavia
when I selected the contest.

1: Scandinavian stations incorrectly gives points and count as multipliers.
   According the SAC rule Scandinavian stations are only supposed to
work stations outside Scandinavia and if they do work Scandinavians, they should not
   count as multipliers or give points. I have looked through .cty and .ini
   files and can not see how this is controlled.

2: All qso.s are given 3 points. According to the rules Scandinavian stations should receive 2 points for stations in Europe and 3 point for stations outside Europe.

If the any of these problems can be fixed in one or more of the data files please let me know.

73 de Halvard, LA7XK

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