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New Omni owner...

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: New Omni owner...
From: vhatley@usa.pipeline.com (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 17:02:11 -0400
Hello gang, 
     I've had Ten-Tec rigs since I first got my license way back in May of
1995.  :-)   Had an old Century 21; and loved it.  Last week though, I
finally made the jump to an Omni V; boy, what a rig.  I can't believe how
much better is sounds than my old C-21.  Anyway, I have a couple of
questions about it. 
Filters:  It has the 2.4 khz, 1.8 khz, and the .50 hz installed in the 6.3
mhz IF.  None in the 9 mhz IF.  I work 98% CW, so I was wondering if it
would be worth it for me to install the .50 hz filter in the 9 mhz IF? 
What about the .25 hz in the last slot of the 6.3?  Some people tell me the
.25 hz rings too much to be useful; is this true?  Would the second .50 hz
filter in the 9 mhz make it even more selective? 
FM:  Is the FM board still available from Ten-Tec?  Several of my friends
say 10 mtr FM is a blast in the spring and summer when sporatic E is
active.  Or does anyone here have an FM board they would sell me cheap? 
QRP:  I operate QRP some; is there a way to get the power down to the 5
watts level on the Omni? 
Thanks ex 73 
KK5RO                            Butternut Vertical 
Vernon A. Hatley              OHR Explorer II 40M 
QRP-L #325                     Ten-Tec Omni V

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