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New Omni owner...

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Subject: New Omni owner...
From: ekleck@kendaco.telebyte.net (Ed Kleckner)
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 07:57:50 -0700 (PDT)
Vernon -- I have an Omni VI, but the IF chains are similar I think.  I 
also run  mostly CW and the 500 Hz filter in the 9 MHz IF makes a BIG 
difference in the background noise, especially on the low bands.  I 
rarely use the 250 Hz filter, since I like to hear a little each side of 
the operating frequency.  So, my advice would be to spend your money on 
the 9 Mhz 500 Hz filter.

On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Vernon A. Hatley wrote:

> Filters:  It has the 2.4 khz, 1.8 khz, and the .50 hz installed in the 6.3
> mhz IF.  None in the 9 mhz IF.  I work 98% CW, so I was wondering if it
> would be worth it for me to install the .50 hz filter in the 9 mhz IF? 
> What about the .25 hz in the last slot of the 6.3?  Some people tell me the
> .25 hz rings too much to be useful; is this true?  Would the second .50 hz
> filter in the 9 mhz make it even more selective? 

73,     Ed
~ Ed Kleckner, N7YQR          ~
~ ekleck@kendaco.telebyte.com ~

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