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Omni VI lust

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Subject: Omni VI lust
From: vhatley@usa.pipeline.com (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 10:02:54 -0400
On May 02, 1996 14:41:57, 'K8DO@aol.com' wrote: 
>This takes me back to my small, high school in the thumb of michigan in
>50's... Henry, the physics teacher ( a ham who's call will remain
>was rhapsodizing, on and on, about the text book he had selected for the 
>class.... At long, last in conclusion, he stated, to the, by now, glazed
>class.  "Yes, sir. I would not exchange this book for any other.  Any 
>questions ?" 
>Douglas, sat right in the front row.  He was the class wag, and a bright 
>student.  Immediately his hand shot into the air.  
>"Yes Douglas" 
>"Not even for a newer edition, Sir?", came the innocent question.... 
>Needless to say, that got us a pile of homework for the rest of that
 :-)  :-)   Hello Denny, 
I had my wife hide my Ten-Tec catalogs so I wouldn't read about the new
Omni VI.   ;-)   And remember the 11th commandment; "Thou shalt not convent
thy neighbors Omni VI."  
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