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To: <tentec@contesting.com>
From: kreinbd@ccgate.dl.nec.com (David Kreinberg)
Date: Thu, 09 May 96 13:02:28 CST
     I just have several more questions before
     I go ahead and buy my long awaited Scout.
     I received a review of the Scout from the
     12/93 issue of QST. In it, the reviewer
     noted two items that concern me a bit:
     1) The PTO is not real stable. True or
        false? He said the freq. could jump
        quite a bit if going in CW at high speeds.
        Also, he noted some backlash when tuning.
     2) On 17 and 20 meters, some strong interference
        from SWBC stations can be experienced due
        to the I/F freq being low. Has this been
        corrected in newer models? Is it not a
        really big deal (I'm a big user of 20m
        and plan to get on 17 as well).
     As always, many thanks for all help.
     73 de Dave AC5GY

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