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To: <tentec@contesting.com>
From: HDHETLAND@paccd.cc.ca.us (Harvey D. D. Hetland)
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 10:33:36 PST
In response to comments by K5KVH <rohre@arlut.utexas.edu> on the 
> As to backlash, I don't think the reviewer would know backlash if it hit him
> in the face. :-)  The Scout I have is firm but smooth, like a screw would be,
> and of course that is what a PTO drive is, a precision screw like a lathe
> leadscrew.

When new my Scout had backlash.  When tuning down in frequency to say 
14025.5 kHz and then reversing direction to tune higher the audible 
pitch AND the display indicated that the frequency continued to tune 
lower in frequency by about 100 Hz or more (14025.4 kHz) before tuning 
higher to 14025.6 and above.  I consider that to be a form of 
backlash as I would loose play in the tuning (which the Scout does 
not have).  

I returned mine to the factory and listed this as one of several 
problems in the Scout.  Their apparent solution to the backlash was 
to clean and lubricate the guide rod.  Upon return there was an 
improvement, but the backlash is starting to return after two to 
three weeks of moderate use.  Tuning is a bother on both CW and SSB 
... I like to be on frequency, because the other station is more 
likely to return my call.

The nearest International Shortwave Broadcast Station is over 30 
miles away.  I have International Shortwave Broadcast Station 
interference on 20m using a 3 element monoband yagi (very much 
resonant at 14 MHz) and on 17m using a 3 element dual bander for 17 
and 12m.  Also the interference does not appear to be from the 
nearby station.  In my case the interference is at 14027 and 14195 
kHz and I like to chase DX.  When time permits I will try additional 
filtering in the antenna lead ... at least this is probably 
correctable without too much effort.

Even the factory readily admits that the Scout is a compromise, and I 
think there is probably a concensus by owners that the compromises on 
the PTO were too much against performance as opposed to cost.  After 
point of sale correction in the field is also more challenging in the 
case of the PTO.

If K5KVH does not have problems with his PTO he is indeed fortunate.

73, Harvey, N6MM.

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