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Results: Argosy II User Impressions

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Subject: Results: Argosy II User Impressions
From: montaw@inforamp.net (montaw@inforamp.net)
Date: Thu, 09 May 96 19:12:09 -0500
Thank you to all that responded to my question. I think its only 
fair I post some results:

  - no 160
  - no RF Gain/ATTN control
  - accessories other than filters unavailable
  - AGC pop
  - receiver recovery (POP!)/AGC shock in XMT to RX transition
    when working strong stations
  - needs more audio output
  - would not advise for mobile (don't know why)
  - some display hash in the receiver
  - no PTO drift - stable
  - cost effective
  - typical Ten Tec
  - good for QRP
  - holds its value
  - "you get used to the AGC"
  - low RX current drain (great for portable)

'Typical' User:
  - operates CW
  - adds in extra filters (almost a 'must')
  - likes the QSK capabilities
  - 11/12 'love' the radio - its a keeper
  -  1/12 did not like it at all "STAY AWAY". You can do better.
    "the receiver AGC is not good and it has no reserve in a
    crowded band condition" "it badly needs an RF gain control"

Some (almost) quotes:
  - I have Drake ..., some other radios. I'd sell them before I'd
    sell the Argosy
  - worst problem is the AGC pop, but it isn't all that bad
  - there are some mods to fix these things
  - its a keeper
  - sells for $400 to $450 depending on accessories

 My summary:
A radio with an ardent following. Its weakest point is the AGC. If
you are going to buy one be prepared to accept some receiver
compromises that may or may not be acceptable depending upon your
expectations. Make sure you get one with the options that are must
haves or learn to live without (like the noise blanker).

Don't shoot me - I'm only the messenger. Next, on to the Scout.


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