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Scout User Impressions

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Scout User Impressions
From: montaw@inforamp.net (montaw@inforamp.net)
Date: Thu, 09 May 96 19:40:01 -0500
As you can see, I did get some really good feedback on the Argosy 
II. The next obvious one to ask about is the Scout 555. Yes, I
know that this has already been asked. I'll publish the results 
for future reference. And yes, I am seriously considering either

Regarding the Scout 555:

1) How well does the receiver and its AGC hold up? Any pops in
   the AGC, intermod or other nasties?

2) It is a very basic transceiver. Were you disappointed?

3) How stable is it mechanically and temperature wise?

4) Do you like the Jones filter system for selectivity control?

5) Would you buy it again after owning it?

6) The tuning knob is reported to be 'stiff'. Is this of any

I currently have a Delta II and a Paragon. This would NOT be my
first or only radio, but rather a 'fun' one.

For all that respond, I thank in advance.


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