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Model 301 buildup

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Subject: Model 301 buildup
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale Martin)
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 13:17:08 -0600
A month or so ago, I asked Ten-Tec to send whatever parts they had =
remaining from their out-of-production Model 301, remote tuning control. =
 I received some small parts, the case, and the optical rotary encoder.  =
I figured out what the wire hookup was from the encoder manufacturer's =
spec sheets and the Omni VI manual. =20

When I wired it up, it didn't work (you may have seen and/or remember my =
posting of notes about the wiring for the 301).  I got very intermittent =
tuning and no real control of the radio VFO and digital readout.  I made =
up a breadboard test circuit with LEDs and transistors to see visually =
what encoding (if any) was taking place.  It confirmed what I saw on the =
radio. =20

I contacted Ten-Tec and they shipped me another encoder.  I returned =
home to Houston last night from an extended visit in Seattle (another =
story in and of itself there!!) and found the replacement encoder in my =
mail box.  I replaced the original encoder and plugged it into the =
radio.  It works perfectly!!! =20

Thank you, Ten-Tec.=20

I wish everyone on the Ten-Tec Reflector a happy, fun, prosperous, and =
healthy  New Year!

Dale Martin, KG5U

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