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Power Transformers

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Subject: Power Transformers
From: k5gq@juno.com (C M Tyler)
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 00:13:39 EST
In the event that Ten Tec needs a transformer vendor that responds to
small orders.  

Houston Transformer Co.
5725 Braxton Dr
Houston, TX 77036  

Phone   713 977-6009
FAX       713  977 4091

Houston Transformer Company designs and manufactures custom transformers.
Our niche business is the high temperature environment of the oil/gas
exploration industry.  Most designs are for 150°  to  200°C.  Therefore,
key down/continuous duty would not be a problem. Prototypes usually take
two and one-half weeks in most cases.

Our standard lot is 20 to 50 transformers. We cannot compete with
offshore price.

I work as a Quality Manager.

Mark - K5GQ

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