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For Sale Ten-Tec OMNI V HF Transceiver

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Subject: For Sale Ten-Tec OMNI V HF Transceiver
From: Aaker@scv3.apple.com (Aaker@scv3.apple.com)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 97 09:40:01 -0800
For Sale
Ten-Tec OMNI V HF Transceiver
All HF ham bands 160 - 10 meters
Excellent receiver, low phase noise, high sensitivity
Excellent selectivity, two cascaded 1.8 kHz SSB filters, 500 and 250 Hz 
CW filters
Pass band tuning and notch filter
Excellent transmitter with full break-in operation for CW
100 watts output into any SWR, power adjustable with front panel control
Dual VFOs, 32 memories
Speech processor, noise blanker
Good working condition, with manual
$1,100. and I'll pay shipping within USA.
Mark Aaker K6UFO (ex-NT6G)  aaker@apple.com  (408) 974-4347

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