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Remote Tuning knob

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Subject: Remote Tuning knob
From: MARTY_GULSETH@HP-Spokane-om2.om.hp.com (MARTY_GULSETH@HP-Spokane-om2.om.hp.com)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 97 09:39:53 -0700
To whom it may concern:

Perhaps Scott from Ten-Tec would be kind enough to provide the manufacturer
and model of the rotary encoder. I think the encoder is the "heart" of the
remote knob, probably most TT fans could "roll their own" from there.

I know that HP (not the division where I work, tho) makes rotary encoders,
many others do also. Don't know if TT uses HPs or another vendors - haven't
opened up my knob (yet!)

Best 73, Best for '97 to all...

Marty - W7LEJ (Spokane, WA)

(std disclaimers, etc...) 

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Subject: Remote Tuning knob
Author:  Non-HP-owner-tentec (owner-tentec@akorn.net) at HP-ColSprings,mimegw2
To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date:    1/3/97 8:13 AM

Hi Scott:

I agree with the comments (re discontunation of 301) below .... someone 
recently posted a complete station with the tuning knob. I tried to get the 
knob from him and he said I was #3 in line! Maybe a special run ... or a kit? 
Even if the price was elevated to maintain margins, I suspect you could sell 
a batch.

Dennis, K7FL


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