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solid state kit

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Subject: solid state kit
From: aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 97 12:59:47 -0500
>From:        rohre, rohre@arlut.utexas.edu
>Reality Check Time re a 500 watt TRANSISTOR amplifier Kit!  Look at the
>proposed 13.8 Volt operation.  Look at the OHMS LAW for this operation!  Who
>builds such transformers?  Who can afford them?

Who says you have to use 13.8 volts? Why not 24, 28 or 50 volts? 
(Provided the high-power transistors can handle it)

As for transformers -- can you say switching power supplies? That solves 
part of the transformer problem.

>The only practical way to develop higher power is to use higher voltage
>transistors or FETS.  Makes a pretty complicated kit.

Higher voltage transistors is in no way more complicated.

>Don't you wonder why the vast majority of Linear manufacturers are still 
>using Tube Finals? The power supply and tubes for that cost A LOT LESS than 
>solid state solution.

Tubes aren't getting any cheaper. At some point, we'll reach the 
watershed where a solid state devices are a better alternative. (We may 
have to wait until someone produces 500W MMICs....)

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