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Subject: Scout
From: jimc@heronet.or.jp (Jim Crites)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 19:58:49 +-900
Hi, my name is Jim Crites and I am still looking for my first rig.  The =
Scout is affordable to me and being a new HAM it's layout looks plain =
and easy to use. =20

All the HAMs I know  out here (Japan) here have Icoms and Kenwoods with =
so many buttons and gadgets compared to the scout that I was wondering =
if I will need all that stuff in the future?  Whenever I ask advice on a =
radio everyone tells me to get an Icom 706.  Iv'e also been told that =
changing modules in the scout would be annoying.=20

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks,

Jim Crites,  KF6FCV,  AFT8JC, (still waiting for recipricol, $125 !!!)

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