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Argonaut II

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Subject: Argonaut II
From: LNaumann@aol.com (LNaumann@aol.com)
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 20:22:56 -0500
General Thanks:
 Thanks to everyone for the info on my Argonaut II. I appreciate it greatly.
I bought the rig a year ago for $500 and I thought it was a great deal. It
didn't work properly and the guy offered my money back but I wanted the rig
so bad I tried to fix it but was stymied. It was then that I called TEN TEC
for help and a service tech was on the line shortly and told me excactly were
to look. Lo and behold, he  was right on the money, one new diode later and
the rig was up and going.
 To answer some questions and comments;
Yes I have tried adjusting the pot for the S-meter, it is touchy and it
really did'n't help
No I haven't noticed the center freq change with bandwidth change
Yes I think that the reciever is a little on the noisey side(compared to my
old Drake      2B rec)
Larry Naumann AA0DM

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