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[TenTec] Background on Delta 580?

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Subject: [TenTec] Background on Delta 580?
From: winjones@ix.netcom.com (Winston F. Jones)
Date: Sat Aug 2 17:49:58 2003
I owned  a Delta 590 for  awhile. It had a brownish/black colored cabinet,
different from the typical Ten-Tec black.
It was about the same height as the Argosy, but wider and deeper.  The Omni
C was much bigger in size.
I like the 580. It has the typically good Ten-Tec audio and QSK keying.
In  my opinion, it's biggest fault was the digital readout. I can't remember
the exact technical situation, but it never reads right on the hundred cycle
digit. Something to do with how it's time based.
73, Winston K4CWQ
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From: "Tim" <nz7c@cox.net>
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Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 17:30 PM
Subject: [TenTec] Background on Delta 580?

> I cannot find any information on the Delta 580. QST does not seem to have
> review in their files and the Unofficial TenTec pages do not fill in too
> much. Can any one tell me how successful it was? How long it was on the
> market? What good or bad characteristics did it develop a reputation for?
> How did it compare in size to an Argosy or an Omni C - somewhere in
> Parts still available?
> If anyone is familiar with the rig, your thoughts would be most
> 73/Tim BZ7C
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