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Subject: [TenTec] ten tec 1320
From: Wj5mh@aol.com (Wj5mh@aol.com)
Date: Sun Aug 10 17:13:19 2003
In a message dated 8/10/2003 1:44:05 PM Central Standard Time, 
wy7w@netzero.net writes:

> Everything else is great, I plan on adding a TICK keyer here shortly, 
> anyone have any luck with that?


I use a Jackson Harbor PK-3 mounted to the final heatsink above C66 using a 
black plastic standoff from Radio Shack.  I've taken the triple phono jack 
board, removed the actual jacks and replaced them with two coaxial power 
connectors and a stereo jack for the key.  (I think I had to drill out the 
holes on the 
phone jack board just a bit.)  The two power connectors make for a tight fit, 
so you may want to remove just one phono and replace it with a stereo jack 
for the key.  I mounted my miniature function button to the right of the 
headphone jack on the front panel.

ESE does great work He's played with a few of these kits, and if you get a 
chance, visit his WEB site.

Have fun...

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