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[TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)
From: w4jz@ispwest.com (Reed)
Date: Sun Aug 10 18:04:51 2003
OK George, I did the recorder thing & I could not detect any distortion.  With 
dummy load or antenna.  I used a IC706MKII as the receiver. This was done on 20 
meters. Even when it was set to 9 I couldn't hear any distortion.  Didn't sound 
the best in the world, but it was understandable.  Sounded better around 3 or 4.
I also was on 40 meters talking to Toby, K4CJW, who has a new Orion. Very nice 
audio from his rig!  He could not detect any distortion with SP on.  Matter of 
fact he couldn't tell when it was on or off.  Ran it all way up to 9.  Makes me 
wonder if it even works on the low bands?
Another question why on my emails, to this thread, I don't see all my email 
without scrolling to the right?  Seen a few others like that, but mostly all is 
like it should be. I don't have this problem on other threads. Using Outlook.


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