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[TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)
From: w4jz@ispwest.com (Reed)
Date: Sun Aug 10 14:36:48 2003
Gang, my SP was at a setting of 3.  While talking to a station in TX, with my 
signal being 10 over S9, with SP on 3 there was distortion.  This was using TT 
hand mic or the Heil element in the MC-50. Turn the SP off & it went away. I 
was on 17 meters using a GAP vertical.  Belden RG-213 from rig to antenna.  I 
run rig through a Yaesu FC-757AT tuner to get a better match with this antenna. 
 Don't need tuner with Windom, but signals were stronger at that time on the 
GAP. Have same problem with both antennas.

When I bought the rig back in the fall I was talking to a ham in FL who also 
had the Argo V.  We were on 17 meters & both of us could hear distortion with 
the SP on.  Now this only happens at voice peaks. Both of us turned the SP off 
& distortion went away. I believe he was using a Zepp antenna. 

A SP setting of 3, if band conditions are not good, the other station want hear 
it.  But if you are putting a 10+ over signal the other station will hear it. 
Not all the time, but at times.  Any higher & yea it will be all the time.  

Maybe the beads will work for the SP on.  I'll have to get some & try it.  But 
strange if it is RF getting into mic it should be there all the time.  Not just 
when SP is on. 

The station in TX listen very very carefully & then played my audio back & 
there was NO distortion.  But turn that SP on & there it was on peaks.  Maybe 
it is my higher pitch voice that is causing it?

I do know that the TT hand mic is very easy to overdrive the little rig.  I 
have to keep mine set at little less than 8 o'clock.  The Heil I have found 
that little less than 10 o'clock just barely lights the ALC LED on voice peaks.

Like Rick, I always leave the thing off.  I thought it was & for the life of me 
don't know how I managed to turn it on, but I did. It has been several months 
since I was on phone with the 516.

I never had this problem with the Argosy I, Scout, or the Argonaut 515 with RF 
in the mic.  Of course none of those has a SP either.  But I have several Jap 
rigs that do & do not have that problem with them.  I know, comparing Apples 
with Oranges, but I believe there is a problem with the SP in the 516.  And I 
believe that it might be the kind of voice pitch a person has that can cause 
this.  I may be way off base, but this might be why some have the problem & 
some don't. 

I don't know if I have a problem on any other band other than 17 & 20 meters.  
I don't get on those bands that much. On 20 meters I use a Hy-Gain 2 element 
beam. If it is on those bands, odds are it will be on the others too if the SP 
is on. I'll have to try & see. There is a .001 or .01 cap on the Heil mic. I 
don't know if there is one in the TT hand mic or not.  Have not been inside to 

I'll let ya'll know if it is on the lower bands or not. 

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