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[TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)
From: rick.williams@telus.net (Rick Williams)
Date: Sun Aug 10 13:22:47 2003
I'd be curious to know if others have had some transmit audio problems when
setting the speech processor (SP) function on the Argo V.   Here are some
questions Argo V users might like to consider:

  (1)  If the SP is working for you what are your settings and what mic is
being used?
  (2)  If it's not working well, do you think the SP scale should be
stretched out so that distortion is not an issue (with the Ten-Tec hand mic
as a standard) until a setting of 5 or 6 is entered?
  (3)  If this is a fairly common issue, perhaps the Ten-Tec software gurus
can consider changing the SP function in the next version of the firmware?

Anyway some thoughts.



Web site:  http://www3.telus.net/ve7asr

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