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[TenTec] Argo V Distortion

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo V Distortion
From: rick.williams@telus.net (Rick Williams)
Date: Sun Aug 10 12:44:56 2003
Well I don't think it's RF in my case.  All rigs are well grounded
(including the Omni V with the Herc) and the Argo audio was distorted with
the processor on and power levels varied from 1 to 20 watts.  The reports
were similar with the Ten-Tec hand mic and a D-104.

The rig was new and I was trying ALL the features.  I tried the processor on
3 (I think) and then got very poor audio reports.  Since I don't use the
processor on my other rigs I turned it off and moved on to trying other
features!  As I mentioned previously, with the processor off the problem
went away.



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> Don't see why one can't use the speech processor.  That's
> what its there
> for.
> I still say that it's RF getting into the mike input. Some
> mikes and or mike
> cables present more capacitive values to the mike input thus
> acting like a
> bypass capacitors themselves.  I suggest to add some .001 mf
> caps between
> pin 1, pin 3 pin 4  all connect to pin 2 which is ground on the mike
> connector.   Also, some ferite beads on the leads at the mike
> connector
> inside the radio will be useful.  That's the suggestion from
> Tentec for
> another radio.  It works and is very easy to do.
> 73
> Bob, K4TAX

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