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[TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)
From: w4jz@ispwest.com (Reed)
Date: Sun Aug 10 20:30:08 2003
Well George, the Windom & Beam have 1:1 Balun at the antenna feed point.  Like 
I said before I can't hear it on the antenna or dummy load.  But, other 
stations can on 17 & 20 meters with SP on. Strange, glad I'm a CW operator!

On the ground, I have to agree. At my other QTH I had a very good ground system 
(8 foot ground rod 6 feet of #8 wire)& had more problems getting into the 
phones, cable TV, & I can't count the times that during a storm I would have 
lighting come in on the coax to the tuner which was grounded. Could hear all 
kinds of popping going on inside the tuner. Always kept the rig disconnected.  
Have the same setup here, but no ground & I'm on a very high hill. I also don't 
get into the phone or cable.

My late father, W4PFP, was a  state electrical inspector for over 30 years & he 
told me that they discovered that more strikes come from the ground up than 
from the sky down. 

I had word wrap on, but decreased it from 78 characters to 60.  See what this 

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