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[TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo Speech Processor Question (was Argo V distortion)
From: benk8dit@serv.net (Ben K8DIT)
Date: Tue Aug 12 21:57:21 2003
The Carolina Windom, is a trademarked antenna from Radio Works resembling
the old single wire antenna only in that its off center fed. The gizmo at
the feedpoint looks like a balun, acts like a matching device and with the
corresponding 22 ft. of coax with a choke at the bottom, makes a single
antenna a multiband antenna, and used with another matching device in the
shack to tune out any leftover mismatch.
This antenna is best described as what its not. What it is has been
discussed  on the hambands and in internet venues. For the official
description see the ads from Radio Works on the Intenet. I used one for two
years and liked it very much. I have since put up a 290' inverted L tuned at
the feedpoint at ground level with an L network matching device remotely
adjusted for the band I'm working.
Whether or not its the source of the Argo's distortion is not something I
could answer.

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