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Subject: [TenTec] Logging programs
From: G3JAG <G3JAG@patents.freeserve.co.uk>
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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 22:12:38 +0100
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I use an obsolete beta test version of Hyperlog under Win 98SE on a 200 mHz 
Pentium. It sees the Omni-V.9 as an IC761. It also sees the KPC-4 TNC.. No 
problem apart from the fact it is an obsolete package that cannot be run 
under Win 2000.
There are over 18k QSOs in the file so I'm also looking for a replacement  
that preferably runs under Win 2000, handles the Omni-V.9 and a K2, as well 
as at least one TNC. So far I have seen nothing I like as much as the  
Hyperlog beta. Wish the author had continued with it to the production stage.
(The standard Hyperlog is still available ... I have been using it for ages as 
my main backup.)

I am now experimenting with Logger 32 as backup on my regular logging pc, 
under Win 98 SE. The machine may be (is) an old, slow clunker, but Logger 32 
runs. It handles the Omni-V.9 and an old KPC-4 TNC. 200mHz is fast enough if 
you have enough RAM.  The downside is that Logger 32 has (for a computer 
illiterate like me anyway) an immense learning curve. 

As far as I can tell after a few weeks use as additional backup (you can never 
have enough) Logger 32 seems to run fine under Win 2000 Pro on a 1700XP 
Athlon with 750mB RAM. It even runs fine under Win 2K when the latter is in 
turn running under vmware on a Linux box.... but I do have a number of issues 
with it. 

I delete all the original log files and it imports all 18k plus entries very 
quickly, flagging 3-4 typo errors correctly. It also picks up the 196 very 
longstanding duplicate entries (where in tarnation did they come from ???), 
but does NOT import the TX power data from my regular logbook AD1F dump file. 
Dunno why, but it might be my fault. The logbook entry window has no space 
for comments (as far as I can tell.) Setting it up exactly the way you want 
it can be "interesting" despite the extensive help files and the very very 
active hamlogger reflector. 

As regards the Orion interface, you are on your own. But one might expect it 
toi have at least something in common with the Omni-VI, or some other rig ???
I suggest waiting for promised bugfix edition that is likely to clear most if 
not all of the reported bugs. And of course Logger 32 is free and has a lot 
of folk testing/using it in preference to anything else. Just wrap a cold 
towel round your head and start playing. It already looks like being a 

73 John G3JAG
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