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Re: [TenTec] a 516 finds a new home

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] a 516 finds a new home
From: Greg Tomerlin - K4KO <k4ko@charter.net>
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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 07:23:24 -0600
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Hello Roger.  Don't you worry about the little Argo.  It's happy and getting 
plenty attention.  Sunday night I played with it for a couple hours on 40 & 80M 
during the Run For The Bacon sprint.  Conditions were awful with lots of QRN, 
but I had fun and made about 20 contacts.  Best one was NT6K on 80M through S7 
noise with < 2W.  I claimed to be running 5W, but had the PWR knob turned all 
the way counter clockwise... best I can determine that's about 1.75W.  Did I 
ever tell you I LOVE this radio?  If you get in too bad a way, maybe we can 
arrange a time for you to come visit it... but don't be disappointed if it no 
longer recognizes you.

You'll be glad to hear I now have a companion for it.  The little TenTec 40M 
xcvr that Ron built looks good next to the Argonaut V.  They look good 
  I have not yet had the 1340 on the air, but I plan to give it a go this 
weekend.  I have a 40M sloper hanging out there just begging to be used so I'm 
going to hook the 1340 to it and leave it there.

I hope you and Evelyn are doing alright.

73  Greg  K4KO

> GREG, I miss my argo so much. You better be taking good care of her. Don't 
> make me come up there. Hi HI. Got my Jupe updated and boy howdy it's better. 
> What contesting software u use? cul Roger.
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