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[TenTec] My rare Ten Tec microphone

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Subject: [TenTec] My rare Ten Tec microphone
From: Peter Connors <monotreme@ntlworld.com>
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 22:32:31 +0100
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Together with my excellent O2 I purchased an excellent Ten Tec 708A 
unidirectional microphone which an informal test shows as indeed being a 
cardioid or 'uni-directional' microphone. The Ten Tec website includes a 
graphic at http://images.tentec.com/radio/products/708/708Base.png which 
shows 'UNI-DIRECTIONAL' on the base yet *my* 708A contradicts this, 
having 'OMNI-DIRECTIONAL' printed on it.

I am awaiting Ten Tec's verdict on this anomaly but I hope this proves 
to be incredibly rare, like a postage stamp printed upside down and will 
eventually be worth millions. Once a provisional valuation has been 
established I will eventually consider bids which recognise the extreme 
rarity of this article (dollars, pounds or euros accepted provided there 
are enough 0s in the figure).

Pete, G4PLZ
Or I might just use it...
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