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Re: [TenTec] A risky question

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] A risky question
From: Jim Lowman <jmlowman@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 09:27:20 -0800
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Curt, I'd suggest that you check out the archives of this list, and also 
those of the Eagle group on YahooGroups.
There were a number of A/B/C comparisons between the Eagle and K3, as 
well as the TS-590S.
As I recall, a lot of it came down to look and feel.

Read and decide for yourself.  Don't be unduly influenced by one 
person's opinion.  The features may have been important to him, but may 
be less so for you.

I weighed the evidence and went with the Eagle; nothing against the K3.  
Another factor in the decision was the upcoming KX3, which has features 
approaching those of the K3.  I have a KX3 on order.

Keep in mind also that the good guys at Elecraft have been very generous 
in loaning K3s for the various DXpeditions.

73 de Jim - AD6CW

On 2/14/2012 5:48 AM, Curt wrote:
> I'm considering buying a new radio, either an Eagle or a K3. Hoping to avoid
> a flame storm, would appreciate observations from folks who have had
> opportunity to operate both. Realizing the lab test specifications and use
> by numerous DXpeditions would favor the latter, price and simplicity draw me
> toward the Eagle.
> The item giving me some pause was a rather scathing critique about the poor
> capabilities for a CW op that I read in an Eagle-specific forum. That post
> indicated the Eagle was fine for an HF newbie but a waste of money for
> anyone else. One complaint was difficulty of accessing RIT and other
> controls, another was lack of output power indication.  Neither of these
> would be a show stopper for me.
> 73, Curt KB5JO
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