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Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 23:40:53 -0500
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The guy in Dallas is named, I think, Cal and is still very much active with a web site at http://www.hamrepair.com/

He was recommended to me by another friend that knows him personally.

Clif Holland used to be in the FW area, but moved to Mabank, TX, some years ago. Cal and Clif apparently know each other and both are considered superb repair technicians won the older gear, such as TS-930/940/950. I recently had my 930 repaired by Clif Holland, but it may be the last one he fixes. He recently noted on his web site that his doctor limits his lifting to no more than 35 pounds. The '930 weights 38 and so is among the rigs explicitly listed on his site that he no longer services. That's a loss to the community because Clif knows these rigs astonishingly well.

Cal at Ham Repair is said to be as good as Clif, but I cannot vouch for them based on my personal experience. It's worth a shot, though!

Kim N5OP

On 5/23/2018 4:43 PM, Stuart Rohre wrote:
There was a ham in DFW area well regarded on Kenwood repairs. Not sure he is still active.

Service manual for 850 is on internet, has schematics and assembly drawings and photos.

The problem you have is probably bad
asian built electrolytic capacitors on the voltage bus for the display board. I am not sure if these are on the display board or on one of the other boards. See service manual.

Some bypassing was done with parallel bus caps, and both of the failing caps need to be replaced at same time. if originals were rated 15 volts put in 25 volt new ones The originals may have electrolytic leaks, or swollen cases or ends. Clean any electrolytic leaks immediately upon finding them or they could corrode and loosen the copper traces.  Peeled copper traces can be replaced with short lengths of tinned no. 26 solid telephone frame wire jumpers. Run the wire to a pad of the same trace and use clean iron tip, wet sponge wiper, and quality tin/lead solder of thin diameter, close to that of the copper jumper. insulate the wire.

Don't use too hot an iron. 15 watts iron, cleanly soldered, should work.
If soldering in a copper run, scrape the coating from the copper trace
before soldering. Get the copper bright, then tin it.
GL, we just revitalized three shorted electro. caps on the club 850 here, at W5KA, by replacement.

-Stuart Rohre
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