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TopBand: EWE, FLAG, BEV. and...

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Subject: TopBand: EWE, FLAG, BEV. and...
From: (Ryszard Tymkiewicz)
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 08:56:24 +0100
Hi All, 

>So only this morning i have read the comments of SP5EWY, that has tried
>ewe, mag loop, and reports that for him the best is the K9AY.
>But all this tests were made at the same time?

I will try to tell you a little bit about my experiences /anyway SRI for my
Giulio,I have a quite small garden 32 X 32 meters /1000 sq m/ ,so only
during winter time I can "use" my neighbours gardens for Beverages but
rather for a short time /usually I'm installing them just for DX-peditions/.
So,I was trying few antennas latelly AT THE SAME TIME.I had Magnetic
Loop,EWE,Pennant,K9AY and 200 m Beverage to the East.All of them I was
trying to the East /Beverage/.I have high level of local electrical noise at
about S8 ,so listening
on my tranmitting antenna,Half Sloper on 18m high tower is often difficult.
At least in my case Magnetic Loop and EWE didn't help too much.With Loop I
was not able to null noise and EWEs was also worse than my 80m sloper /for
K9AY has very good F/B ,even 5 S! and I'm able to eliminate electrical /and
also band/ noise to zero.Almost always  its much more comfortable to use
K9AY than my transmitting antenna.
I had Pennant at the same time and I suppose it was a little bit better than
K9AY,but it had about 12 dB less signal than K9AY,so I was forced to use
preamplifier /Plessey SL560/ 14  dB.Additionally its very easy to change
directions in K9AY,and not so easy to build Pennant rotatable.
Of course Beverage was THE BEST but in 90% I was able to hear station also
on K9AY comparing to Beverage.Anyway,I have now 200m Beverage to FT5ZH HI.
All these antennas are /were/ very close to my Tower /12 m./ and I suppose
it has serious influence on these tests.

                   73 Rys SP5EWY

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