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Topband: Inverted L or 1/4 wave sloper?

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Subject: Topband: Inverted L or 1/4 wave sloper?
From: "Jim Miller WB5OXQ in Waco" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 18:49:37 -0600
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I have a 50' tower with a tribander on top with which to support an inverted L 
or a 1/4 wave sloper.  The beam is about 53' so the high end at 50' and the low 
end anywhere from 30' to a lowest of 6'  The high end of the wire would face 
about 350 degrees and the low end about 180 degrees on the compass.  I have 
only 3 30' radials and due to the tower being close to the side of my lot and 
next to the house I cannot easily put in any more.  I have a tuner that can 
take coax or open wire.  Opinions please!
WB5OXQ in Waco, TX.
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